Microchip and the Eye

Recently, there has been information released regarding microchips to augment retinal function in diseases, primarily retinitis pigmentosa. These microchips are being investigated as part of a medical device study and the initial results are from the phase one study focusing on the safety of these devices. It appears that at least the device in the subretinal space is tolerated by the human eye.

As the purpose of the phase one trial is merely safety, we really cannot draw any conclusions in regards to retinal function from the current results. The current results only support the right of the chip manufacturers to proceed with phase two and phase three clinical trials. These trials will be…

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iPad Apps

All of the apps listed below are free. Some have upgraded versions which you could purchase if you find the free one worthwhile.


Play Piano
I Hear Ewe
Zoola Animals
Vocal Zoo
Talking News
Talking Ben

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